Save housekeeping costs

By pushing a button, your guest decides if room cleaning is desired.

Save money at the push of a button

Save money at the push of a button Housekeeping is an important cost factor
in your hotel. Adding all the elements of cleaning one room, this results in an
average cost of 14 €.

During a stay of several days, intermediate cleaning can be omitted. Many guests
would forego the cleaning, if this desire would be simple, spontaneous and easy
to communicate.

At the touch of the Green - button, your guest can cancel the cleaning of the room for
the following day. This information reaches the housekeeping digitally.

Equip your hotel rooms with green buttons for free.

One single button-press - many advantages

Reducing housekeeping costs

By using the Green-button you
reduce the number of room cleanings
and save money.

Integration into existing systems

The information from the
green button can be processed and
used in existing systems.

Automatic evaluations

The evaluation can identify guest patterns
that are valuable and usable for scheduling
the operational staff.

Incentives and upselling

Encourage your guests to push
the Green-button by giving them rewards
from the hotel bar or the spa area,
which also boosts sales.

Green image

By the renouncing of room cleaning,
water, electricity and detergents are saved,
which helps the environment.

Modifications of your building are not necessary

The Green-button can be installed without
construction modifications and without external
power supply. It is therefore suitable for
new and existing buildings.

You only pay if you save money

You get buttons for each
hotel room - for free.

You pay no setup
and monthly fee.

Each time your guest presses the button
you save money and pay a fee.

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